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Unreal Gold (227k)

    Unreal Gold Free Linux Game full download the easy way in native format. Unreal Gold was release on 30 April, 1998.

    Genre : FPS
    Developer : Epic MegaGames
    Publisher : Infogrames
    Libraries used : Native
    Architecture : x86, amd64
    Version : 227j updated to 227k
    Interface language : English only Voiceover
    language : English

    About The Game

    Unreal Gold

    The player takes on the role of a criminal aboard the prison spaceship Vortex Rikers (tail number NC114-85EKL8), which crashed into a canyon on the planet Na Pali, killing almost everyone on board. The natives of this planet (four-armed, pacifist Nali) were enslaved by a confederation of alliances of alien races and incorporated into the Skaarj Empire. When the Vortex Rikers crash, the Skaarj infiltrate the wrecked ship, killing any survivors they find. After all the inhabitants of the ship die during the crash and immediately after it, the player is left alone on an unknown planet. The main goal of the game is to find and destroy the main Skaarj ship and leave the planet.


    Unreal Gold screenshot 1

    Unreal Gold screenshot 2

    Unreal Gold screenshot 3

    How to Download & Install Unreal Gold Linux Game

    1. Click the Download link below and you should already have installed a download client on your system.
    2. Notification will pop and say “that our site wants to open this application”. Click the button to open the client to let the download begin and wait for it to finish.
    3. Once Game Unreal Gold for linux is done downloading, Extract (Unzip) “*******.tar.gz” -if you encounter this file- (To do this you must know how extract .tar.gz Files using Linux Command Line here).
    4. Right click the ./, select “Properties”, go to the “Permissions” tab, mark the file as executable. Then just treat it more or less like one of those Setup.exe’s on Windows. Double-click it to run it.
    5. Have fun and play!
    6. If you like the game please support the developers by buying it…

    Add. info :
    Takes settings from /System(64) (~/.Unreal/System creates, but doesn’t use).
    There are two renderers – OpenGL and XOpenGL. The latter is being actively developed by OldUnreal developers.
    And two systems for sound – ALAudio and based on FMOD. The latter for Linux, however, is only available for 32 bits for some reason.
    The library is provided but a link called is needed (for
    FOV for resolutions 16:9 – 106.4 according to PCGamingWiki
    There are high resolution textures painted by enthusiasts in nature – https://sites (NOT included in the giveaway)

    Also, please, independently check if you have the necessary libraries.
    For example, if it says “Can’t find file for package ALAudio”, check the dependencies
    If XOpenGL is buggy, try regular OpenGL.

    Installation procedure :
    Unpack the patch.
    Copy Maps, Music, Sounds, Textures into the resulting directory from the disk image (observing the case of directory names).
    Run System64/UnrealLinux.bin

    Linux System Requirements


    • OS: 2.2.x or better Linux kernel with glibc-2.1 or later and X-Windows
    • 200 MHz x86 Processor
    • Hardware Accelerated 3D Graphics card with 8 MB video memory

    Unreal Gold Linux Free Download

    File Size: 830.4 MB

    Unreal Gold [x86,amd64,ARM][ENG][Native][ISO][OldUnreal 227k]

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