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FreeLinuxPCGames is the ultimate platform for Linux PC games, that gives you the best and safe download links. We always check all the provided download links and focused on providing clean games with all new updates plus with the easiest possible download options. This site is made organized so that you can find all available game download for Linux!


We only provide download links that was uploaded by other users in the web/internet. We do not host or store any files in this website server so all files are hosted elsewhere and provided by other websites, all games on this website are copyright to their respective owners. We are encouraging all our users to support the developers and publishers. If you like the game please buy it.

FreeLinuxPCGames is a community based platform, where both the moderators and the users help each others in any way possible. We greatly appreciate the help of our loyal users who help us find out bugs in games and provide a feedback on the site. We use these feedback to understand the users experience and bring improvements and updates in the site. Therefore, users feedback is highly important for us to evaluate the user experience.

Note: If you are a new user, you should go to our FAQs Page for more info on how to install the games and other important details.

Thank you very much for visiting our site hope that you always have fun using it!

– FreeLinuxPCGames Team