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Cult of the Lamb (

    Cult of the Lamb Free Linux Game full download the easy way in native format. Cult of the Lamb was release on 11 Aug, 2022.

    Genre : Building, Roguelike, 3rd Person
    Developer : Massive Monster
    Publisher : Devolver Digital
    Engine : Unity * (2019.4.40f1, * Unofficial Linux build)
    Multiplayer : No
    Architecture : amd64
    Version : updated to
    License : Proprietary
    UI : multilingual

    About The Game

    Cult of the Lamb

    Cult of the Lamb is a simplified roguelike adventure where you have to play as a crazy lamb who is not allowed to die by a god-like creature in order for the lamb to found a cult. The game is divided into 2 components: managing a cult settlement and running to fight heretics. You will be able to interact with your followers by giving them tasks or fulfilling their wishes. As you expand and strengthen the cult, you will have to collect and spend resources to build, improve the settlement and combat characteristics. Find Tarot cards that will enhance your character. Your main weapons are a dagger, hammer and ax, and curses will additionally help in fights.

    – collect resources and use them to build buildings, perform rituals to appease the gods, and strengthen the faith of your flock with sermons
    – explore the vastness of a randomly generated world, fight hordes of enemies and destroy the leaders of hostile cults to absorb their power and establish dominance of your cult
    – train your flock and embark on a journey to uncover the secrets of 5 mysterious regions
    – purge infidels and mystical rituals, bring enlightenment to the masses and become a powerful lamb god


    Cult of the Lamb screenshot 1

    Cult of the Lamb screenshot 2

    Cult of the Lamb screenshot 3

    How to Download & Install Cult of the Lamb Linux Game

    1. Click the Download link below and you should already have installed a download client on your system.
    2. Notification will pop and say “that our site wants to open this application”. Click the button to open the client to let the download begin and wait for it to finish.
    3. Once Game Cult of the Lamb for linux is done downloading, Extract (Unzip) “*******.tar.gz” -if you encounter this file- (To do this you must know how extract .tar.gz Files using Linux Command Line here).
    4. Right click the ./, select “Properties”, go to the “Permissions” tab, mark the file as executable. Then just treat it more or less like one of those Setup.exe’s on Windows. Double-click it to run it.
    5. Have fun and play!
    6. If you like the game please support the developers by buying it…

    Extras :
    Contains all add-ons at the time the torrent was created and the Cthulhu Follower Form pre-order add-on.
    The operation of the game was made possible thanks to Truf.
    Non-Latin text may disappear . In this case, during the course of the game, switch languages ​​again or restart the game.
    AntiMicroX is a gamepad configuration utility.
    Tested on Manjaro 21.3.7, Linux Mint 21, Fedora 37.

    Installation :
    Make the file executable in its properties and run.

    Linux System Requirements


    • OS: Linux
    • Processor: 2.6 GHz
    • Memory: 2 GB
    • Video: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti/AMD Radeon HD 7750, 1 GB, OpenGL 3.2
    • Space: 1.5 GB

    Cult of the Lamb Linux Free Download

    File Size: 769.7 GB

    Cult of the Lamb ( + 14 DLC) [amd64] [Multi] [Unofficial] [Unity3D*]

    8 thoughts on “Cult of the Lamb (”

    1. Curious question, are these installers made using makeself? And is this unofficially ported using that pcgamingwiki unity porting guide? If so, can you upload ULTRAKILL that way? I’ve played it by porting it myself, and it runs pretty well.

        1. Here’s the included DLCs at the moment
          Plush Bonus
          Pre-Order Bonus
          Cultist Pack
          Frankerz Twitch Drop 1
          Ralpherz Twitch Drop 2
          Pogchamp Twitch Drop 3
          Penguin Twitch Drop 4
          Lion Twitch Drop 5
          Twitch Drop 6
          Twitch Drop 7
          Twitch Drop 8
          Twitch Drop 9
          PAX DLC
          Heretic Pack

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