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Love, Money, Rock’n’Roll (4.46)

    Love, Money, Rock’n’Roll Free Linux Game full download the easy way in native format. Love, Money, Rock’n’Roll was release on 4 August, 2022.

    Genre : Adventure, Casual, Indie, Visual Novel
    Developer : Soviet Games Game
    Website :
    Publisher : Soviet Games
    Libraries Used : Unity3D
    Multiplayer : No
    Architecture : amd64
    Version : 3.54 updated to 4.46
    License : proprietary
    Interface language : English, Russian

    About The Game

    Love, Money, Rock'n'Roll

    Nikolai, the son of Soviet emigrants and an ordinary Japanese schoolboy , does not even suspect that his world will soon turn upside down. The familiar and native will collide in it with the gloomy ghosts of the past. Now Nikolai must decide who he can truly trust and find out why those who have power and money, before whom the lives of ordinary people lose their significance, are interested in him.


    Love, Money, Rock'n'Roll screenshot 1

    Love, Money, Rock'n'Roll screenshot 2

    Love, Money, Rock'n'Roll screenshot 3

    How to Download & Install Love, Money, Rock’n’Roll Linux Game

    1. Click the Download link below and you should already have installed a download client on your system.
    2. Notification will pop and say “that our site wants to open this application”. Click the button to open the client to let the download begin and wait for it to finish.
    3. Once Game Love, Money, Rock’n’Roll for linux is done downloading, Extract (Unzip) “*******.tar.gz” -if you encounter this file- (To do this you must know how extract .tar.gz Files using Linux Command Line here).
    4. Right click the ./, select “Properties”, go to the “Permissions” tab, mark the file as executable. Then just treat it more or less like one of those Setup.exe’s on Windows. Double-click it to run it.
    5. Have fun and play!
    6. If you like the game please support the developers by buying it…

    Installation procedure:
    Installation procedure

    Procedure for installing an unofficial hentai patch [18+]:
    A reliable source for the patch has not been established (most likely a leak from the early stages of development) and may not be official.
    Download patch lmr.7z here (in the folder LMR_XXX – CGs and text in its pure form)
    In the Love, Money, Rock’n’Roll_Data folder, create the Mods folder. Place the hpatch.mod file from the previously downloaded archive for the desired platform into it. The path should be Love, Money, Rock-n-Roll/Love, Money, Rock’n’Roll_Data/Mods/hpatch.mod

    Linux System Requirements


    • OS: Linux
    • Processor: Pentium® 4 1.5 GHz / Athlon® XP
    • RAM: 2048 MB RAM
    • Disk space: 3 GB

    Love, Money, Rock’n’Roll Linux Free Download

    File Size: 2.8 GB

    Love, Money, Rock’n’Roll (4.46) [amd64][RUS+ENG][Unity3D]

    4 thoughts on “Love, Money, Rock’n’Roll (4.46)”

    1. I have an appeal to the administrators of the site. This is a terrorist country game! I don’t know your relationship to Ukraine, but the fact that this game is on the site is a manifestation of support for a terrorist country.

      1. Not sure about what you are saying. we do not have time for that kind of conversation we just want to give free games that’s all.

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