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Cities: Skylines Collection (1.17.1-f4)

    Cities: Skylines Collection Free Linux Game full download the easy way in native format. Cities: Skylines Collection was release on 11 March, 2015.

    Genre : City Builder, Strategy, Sandbox
    Developer : Colossal Order Ltd.
    Publisher : Paradox Interactive
    Engine : Unity
    Multiplayer : no
    Architecture : amd64
    Version : 1.15.1-f4 updated to 1.17.1-f4
    License : proprietary
    Interface : multilingual
    Tablet : cured

    About The Game

    Cities: Skylines Collection

    Cities: Skylines is a city-building simulator that offers a fresh look at the classics of the genre. The game conveys the difficulties that arise before the mayor and allows you to create a real metropolis. You are only limited by the limits of your imagination.

    – complex and multi-level simulation: as mayor, you will have to take care of education, water supply, electricity, police, fire, utilities and much more, not to mention the economy of the region
    – realistic detailed simulation of traffic flows
    – districts and politics: you don’t have to stay a simple bureaucrat from the city hall – break the city into separate districts, choose a policy for each of them and achieve the position of mayor
    – day and night cycle: depending on the time of day, the city changes, and its inhabitants live according to a certain schedule – at night the traffic flow noticeably thins out , while the efficiency of some areas is declining
    – wide mod support: create new maps and buildings or modify existing ones to use them in the game


    Cities: Skylines Collection screenshot 1

    Cities: Skylines Collection screenshot 2

    Cities: Skylines Collection screenshot 3

    How to Download & Install Cities: Skylines Collection Linux Game

    1. Click the Download link below and you should already have installed a download client on your system.
    2. Notification will pop and say “that our site wants to open this application”. Click the button to open the client to let the download begin and wait for it to finish.
    3. Once Game Cities: Skylines Collection for linux is done downloading, Extract (Unzip) “*******.tar.gz” -if you encounter this file- (To do this you must know how extract .tar.gz Files using Linux Command Line here).
    4. Right click the ./, select “Properties”, go to the “Permissions” tab, mark the file as executable. Then just treat it more or less like one of those Setup.exe’s on Windows. Double-click it to run it.
    5. Have fun and play!
    6. If you like the game please support the developers by buying it…

    Extras :
    – All add-ons are disabled, included in DLC.txt (uncomment the desired ones).
    – Tested on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.
    – On a system with 32 GB of RAM, crashes were noticed after a certain amount of playing time. Disabling DLC ​​helps in some cases. Increasing the page file to 64 GB completely solved the problem.

    Installation :
    1. Unpack using unzstd, for example
    tar --use-compress-program=unzstd -xvf Cities.Skylines.v1.17.1.f4.Incl.DLC.Linux.tar.zst
    2. Run the file Cities.x64

    Linux System Requirements


    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: Ubuntu 12.04 (64-bit)
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo, 3.0GHz or AMD Athlon 64 X2 6400+, 3.2GHz
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: nVIDIA GeForce GTX 260, 512 MB or ATI Radeon HD 5670, 512 MB (Does not support Intel Integrated Graphics Cards)
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 4 GB available space


    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: Ubuntu 14.10 (64-bit)
    • Processor: Intel Core i5-3470, 3.20GHz or AMD FX-6300, 3.5Ghz
    • Memory: 6 GB RAM
    • Graphics: nVIDIA GeForce GTX 660, 2 GB or AMD Radeon HD 7870, 2 GB (Does not support Intel Integrated Graphics Cards)
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 4 GB available space

    Cities: Skylines Collection Linux Free Download

    File Size: 8.49 GB

    Cities Skylines Collection (1.17.1-f4) [amd64][Multi][Steam][Unity3D]

    8 thoughts on “Cities: Skylines Collection (1.17.1-f4)”

    1. in artix linux run “./” returns “YAD Simple Installer (26.01.2022): Cities – Skylines Collection (1.14.0-f4)” and nothing else, to be able to extract it I had to run it with the option “-e”

    2. I have the same issule when install .run file in arch linux. They just return “YAD Simple Installer (26.01.2022): Cities – Skylines Collections (1.14.0-f4)”. I have already make it executable with ‘chmod’ command. Someone can help me solve this, plz

    3. For anyone who wonders why the run file only return “YAD Simple Installer (26.01.2022): Cities – Skylines Collections (1.14.0-f4)”:

      To extract the game, simply type in “./ -e”.
      After extraction, the CitiesSkylines folder will be created, inside it there’s a file named “”. Make that file executable with “chmod” command, the run it, the game will start.

      Hope this can help those who have trouble installing the game!

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